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Breedlove Performer Pro Demo - Gear Spotlight

Breedlove Performer Pro - Gear Spotlight

Check out two variations in the company's new sustainable line that feature Fishman electronics, an expressive voice, and a combination of African mahogany and European spruce tonewoods.

Breedlove Organic Performer Pro Concert CE - Aged Toner with Suede Burst Back


A player’s guitar, the Performer Pro Concert CE seamlessly translates any musical style. The sheer versatility of the venerated Breedlove Concert shape finds full expressive voice in the outstanding tonewood combination of African mahogany and European spruce. This all-solid wood guitar offers power, sustain, and clarity, which is ideal for fingerpickers sketching out difficult passages along the slim, easy-playing neck, or for rock and rollers who want to dig in and strum through the night. With Fishman Flex T-Plus electronics built into the body shape that has defined the Breedlove sound for more than 30 years, this go-to guitar will shine (and sing) no matter how or where you play it.