Revv D20 Demo - PG Gear Spotlight

Check out Revv Amps D20—a clean, 20-watt (reducible to 4) 6V6 output section and powerful Two Notes cab-sim capabilities make this 9-pound head (demo'd by Joey Landreth) both a great pedal platform and a conveniently portable gigging amp.

The Revv D20 is the world's first Two notes Torpedo-Embedded amplifier. This means not only is it a great-sounding Canadian-made 20 watt tube amplifier - you can play it anywhere without a cabinet while getting authentic tube tones straight into headphones, recording interface, powered speakers, or mixing desk. The Revv D20 is the perfect clean/crunch amp to pair with your favorite pedals, and brings modern convenience to an organic, compact, affordable tube package.

Johnny Winter's Burning Blues by Corey Congilio

Learn to rip like one of the all-time masters of modern electric blues.

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PRS Guitars and John Mayer officially announce the PRS SE Silver Sky, an affordable version of the original with PRS trademark bird inlays and three single-coil pickups.

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