Hughes & Kettner's TubeMeister Deluxe models release first ever tube amps that contain FRFR technology.

St. Wendel, Germany (January 21, 2016) -- Hughes & Kettner’s bestselling TubeMeister lunchbox amp family has been strengthened by the addition of two wild new bigger brothers: the TubeMeister Deluxe 20 and the TubeMeister Deluxe 40.

Where TubeMeister is stunning, the new TubeMeister Deluxe models are simply jaw dropping, having benefited from a comprehensive overhaul tonally and physically, as well as being kitted out with a range of killer new features the 50,000-strong Meister Family has been demanding.

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Vox’s compact amp line evolves, growing more versatile.

When Vox released the original Night Train amplifier back in 2009, it won praise from pros and weekend warriors alike. The lunchbox amp revolution was in full swing, yet the Night Train’s chimey cleans, killer overdrive, and accessible price set it apart. And man, did it look cool—like the retro sci-fi toolbox Flash Gordon would pack before heading off to battle Ming the Merciless. It was so successful it spawned a line of amps and cabinets that’s still growing.

Vox has revamped the Night Train series with a more subdued, streamlined aesthetic and more versatile channel switching. The new EL84-driven, 15-watt G2 NT15C1 1x12 combo delivers signature Vox clean tones and the original Night Train’s great overdrive, along with a serial effect loop and digital reverb in a compact combo format.

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