Nu-X Announces Tape Core Deluxe and Core Editor Software

The editor software allows for deeper customization of a variety of delay sounds.

Shenzhen, China (April 21, 2017) -- NUX Tape Core Deluxe is created for guitar players who want to add a legendary tape effect to their setup. It's housed inside a regular-sized stompbox than can fit on any pedalboard easily. It provides seven delay modes from three repro heads and features four knobs to dial up some basic parameters. Also, the Core Editor Software provides more precise options and full customization of delay effects. Moreover, it offers tap tempo, Tone-Lock, and two switch-off modes (normal and tail).


  • 7 Delay effect modes from three repro heads
  • 40-second looper
  • Additional reverb effect and delay controls via Core software
  • Editor software
  • Tone-Lock function and one preset memory
  • Tail function
  • Tap tempo

MAP: $99

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