positive grid

Positive Grid’s mighty mini amp has taken the world of practice—and stage—by storm. Here’s the lowdown on the original Spark amp, the Spark MINI, the Spark GO, the new Spark CAB, and the company’s flexible, tone-hopping controller. Most are sale-priced for the holidays.

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Need a desktop rock box or an amp you can stash in your carry on?

Naturally, when you are looking for a practice amp, something for the office, or a vacation companion, there are some sacrifices that will need to be made. Check out this list of 10 options that aim to balance power with portability.

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A handheld gateway to the world of home recording.

Doesn’t require a power supply or batteries. Works with any plug-in or DAW. Very simple interface.

Differences between preamp emulations are subtle.


Positive Grid Riff


It’s never been easier or less expensive to take part in the home recording experience. And Positive Grid’s newest entry into the interface market, called RIFF, exists at an impressive nexus of portability, functionality, and price. For around the cost of a decent overdrive, it’s a handheld audio interface that skips the bells and whistles for the sake of making a tool that just plain works.

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