Joyce Manor on Green Day's "Brain Stew" & Nico's "These Days" | Hooked

See how this pair of foundational songs helped form these punk rocker's vibe (including a shining example with their track "The Jerk").

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Rig Rundown - Teenage Bottlerocket

These Fat Wreck-label punkers keep it stupid simple with single-humbucker, classic-custom recreations for their ripping Ramones downstrokes and pogo-ready choruses.

Wyoming has a punk-rock scene? Well, if it does, Teenage Bottlerocket are its seminal stars.

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Bad Religion's Brian Baker On The Ruts' "Babylon's Burning" - Hooked

The punk-rock legend retells his initial cathartic connection to the song and how it's steered everything he's recorded since 1980.

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