Pup’s Steve Sladkowski: “Backstage, I Warm Up Playing Fiddle Music”

The pop-punk vet on trying to Travis-pick like Doc Watson, and the avant-jazz and country roots of his Telecaster love.

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Matt Sweeney's career amalgamates an uncommon blend of indie- and roots-rock-cred, high-profile session gigs, membership in the Billy Corgan-led supergroup Zwan, and collaborations with Josh Homme and Bonnie "Prince" Billy.

Photo by Chris Shonting

The Superwolf, Zwan, and Chavez guitarist's tone secrets: fingerpicking, flatwound strings, and overdriven amps.

Matt Sweeney thinks you should fingerpick. "I don't want to sound like some sort of dick who hates guitar picks," he says, after about 20 minutes railing against guitar picks. "But try it. It's worth it."

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Guitar-shop phobia, a barely playable Fender, and Yoko Ono factor into the post-punk Dane’s replies to our handful of questions.

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