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New amps from Marshall for 2008

Anaheim, CA (January 25, 2008) -- Okay, you saw our NAMM video interview with Nick Bowcott about Marshall''s new 1959RR Randy Rhoads Tribute Head on Friday, January 18. They''ve now released the specs for this beauty and some other new Marshall amps. Check it out --

1959RR Limited Edition Randy Rhoads Tribute Head

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The new Limited Edition Randy Rhoads Tribute 100-watt head is crafted to harness the now-legendary tones which continue to inspire generations of guitar players. The signature 1959RR is a fitting tribute to Rhoads’ unique musical persona which has rocked the music world for over 25 years.

The 1959RR boasts the exact circuitry and Marshall factory “mod” that Rhoads’ original, iconic white Marshall 1959 houses. When he first joined Ozzy Osbourne’s band, Rhoads had Marshall custom-build his white head and also had it modified at the factory for more gain – which involved cascading the two halves of the first ECC83 valve in the preamp section. With the blessing and help of the Rhoads family, a Marshall design engineer traveled to California and opened up Randy’s original amp head (kept under lock and key) to confirm the modification and circuitry to ensure it was duplicated exactly in the tribute model.

This all-valve head (3 x ECC83 in the preamp, 4 x EL34s in the power amp) features two channels, I and II, each with two inputs – high sensitivity and low sensitivity. Both channels share passive tone-shaping controls for Bass, Middle, Treble and Presence. Its white vinyl covering, black corners and large black script logo make it instantly recognizable as “Randy’s head” to all hard rock fans. The back panel features the signatures of Dr. Jim Marshall OBE and Randy Rhoads.

The 1959RR owner’s manual features a handwritten introduction from Ozzy’s current guitarist and fellow-signature-Marshall user, Zakk Wylde. In it, Wylde says, “Without Randy I wouldn’t be the player I am today – the chops, the writing and that amazing, father Marshall tone. There can only be one father Marshall and Randy Rhoads.”

When Rhoads was posthumously inducted into the Hollywood Rockwalk of Fame in 2004, Dr. Jim Marshall OBE, founder and CEO of Marshall Amplification, wrote the following in a letter to Rhoads’ mother Delores: “I was and still am delighted that Randy played through Marshalls and consider him to be one of the finest ambassadors of my amplifiers to this very day – the fact that he is still rightfully held in such high regard by so many musicians speaks volumes regarding the tremendous impact he had on the world of rock guitar.”

The new Marshall Limited Edition Randy Rhoads Tribute Head will be available in spring ’08. MSRP TBD.

Five New JVM2 Models

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Marshall''s five new JVM2 Amplifiers include two heads and three combos. Equipped with five 12AX7s and either two or four EL34s ( for 50-watt or 100-watt, respectively), these amps join Marshall’s JVM4 models to create a JVM family of the most versatile and highest gain all-valve Marshall amplifiers to date. Models and prices in the JVM2 series are:

• JVM210H 2-channel 100W Head - MRSP $2658
• JVM205H 2-channel 50W Head - MSRP $2398
• JVM210C 2-channel 100W 2x12" Combo - MSRP $3199
• JVM205C 2-channel 50W 2x12" Combo - MSRP $2850
• JVM215C 2-channel 50W 1x12" Combo - MSRP $2698

Like the award-winning JVM4 amps, these new models are feature-rich and packed with the latest Marshall technology. Two independent, footswitchable channels (Clean/Crunch and Overdrive) and three footswitchable modes per channel effectively deliver six distinctly different Marshall voices that range from shimmering clean to extreme, high-gain distortion.

A straightforward, familiar front panel provides six LED switches and 16 controls – Volume, Bass, Middle, Treble, Gain and Reverb for each channel, two footswitchable Master Volumes plus Resonance and Presence.

In addition to a Channel/Mode selection switch for each channel, the amps also feature front-panel switches for Reverb (on/off), Master Volume section (1 or 2) and FX loop (on/off). Onboard logic ensures swift and silent switching, plus it remembers the last position of each front panel switch in all six modes – even after the amp has been powered down. Both channel/mode LEDs are tri-colored to indicate which of the three modes is selected in each channel.

Marshall’s intuitive, “intelligent” four-way foot-controller can memorize a player’s front-panel switch settings. Five easy-to-read LEDs reflect every front panel switch setting, including the channel Mode being used, via tri-colored indicator LEDs for both channels. This patent-pending technology allows single front-panel switches or entire setups (Channel/Mode, Reverb, FX Loop and Master Volume switch settings) to be easily assigned to any one of the foot-controller’s four switches. For added convenience, the foot-controller connects to the amp via a standard guitar cable.

Footswitchable, studio-quality digital reverb with independent controls for both channels is also included. The reverb is routed in parallel and mixed with the direct signal by means of a valve. When the reverb is engaged, no degradation of the direct signal occurs, and when off, it is removed from the circuit. The reverb circuit has also been designed to avoid abrupt cut-offs, allowing the tail to decay naturally when switching or changing from channel to channel.

To satisfy pro player needs, all switching can be done via MIDI, and each JVM amp’s rear panel houses MIDI IN & MIDI THRU jacks. Two FX loops (footswitchable series/parallel and parallel) and a speaker-emulated XLR output are also provided.

All combos feature genuine Celestion speakers, and, just like the JVM410C, the JVM210C and JVM205C 2x12s both house one Vintage speaker and one Heritage speaker. The Heads can be partnered with any Marshall 4x12 cabinet.

Kerry King Signature MG10KK Practice Amp

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The new Kerry King Signature MG10KK practice amp combines King’s look and attitude with Marshall’s legendary sound in a portable, ready-to-shred package, complete with an exclusive DVD featuring King’s personal practice tips and advice. “My friends at Marshall have been cool enough to produce my own ass-kicking practice amp. The MG10KK – heavy as a pair of concrete boots!” remarks King proudly.

Based on the MG10CD – King’s longtime practice amplifier of choice – the MG10KK offers Marshall-size tone in a compact form. The amp features a striking red and bold black faceplate design and, drawing from King’s trademark look, shares the same tribal-art motif of his signature Marshall JCM800 2203KK head.

Measuring a mere 11.6" x 12.2" x 7.5" and weighing only five pounds, this 2-channel, 10-Watt amp offers a powerful 6.5" speaker. Controls include Clean Volume, Overdrive Gain, Overdrive Volume and Tone Contour. The amp has Marshall’s proprietary FDD (Frequency Dependent Damping) circuitry built-in, which accurately reproduces the interaction of a tube amp’s power stage with the loudspeakers it is driving. Additionally, this practice amp boasts an MP3/CD input for jamming along, an Emulated Line Out and a Headphone jack that, when used, mutes the speaker for “silent” practice sessions (a feature King rarely, if ever, uses!).

The included exclusive Guitar Abuse tutorial DVD features King’s personal insight and demonstrations on just what this amp can do to help improve practice sessions.

Available early 2008, MSRP $139.99.

MB Series of Bass Amps and Cabs

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Marshall Amplification expands its MB Series of bass amplifiers with eight new models – four combos, one head and three extension cabinets. These new units join the MB15 and MB30 models to provide bass players with Marshall’s legendary power, sound and reliability. Developed and engineered by the company’s world-renowned R&D department, the MB series is the result of end user feedback, plus stringent design, construction and quality control testing.

The new models are:
MB60 60-Watt, hybrid 1x12" combo
MB150 150-Watt, hybrid 1x15" combo
MB450H 450-Watt, hybrid head
MB4210 450-Watt, hybrid 2x10" combo
MB4410 450-Watt, hybrid 4x10" combo
MBC115 300-Watt, 1x15" bass reflex cabinet with H.F. horn
MBC410 600-Watt, 4x10" bass reflex cabinet with H.F. horn
MBC810 1200-Watt, 8x10" bass reflex cabinet with H.F. horn

Each new amp features two totally independent, footswitchable channels: Classic and Modern (a footswitch is supplied with each new model). The Modern channel offers a crispness and crystal clarity that is ideal for slap and other modern styles, as well as a built-in, variable compressor. The Classic channel boasts an ECC83 preamp tube and features a Gain control plus a Boost switch, allowing users to dial in exactly the amount of “grit” desired for their tone. To further enhance the tonal versatility of these two channels, the active 3-band EQ on the Modern channel features semi-parametric Mid controls while the passive 3-band EQ on the Classic channel features an adjustable, 3-way mid Voice control.

Additional features provide advanced functionality for today’s bass player: a series FX loop, Passive/Active input selection, XLR DI line out (pre or post), built-in limiter, CD/MP3 input and a headphone jack for silent practice.

The MB450H, MB4210 and MB4410 models also offer a footswitchable channel blend facility that has controls for both Blend and Volume, giving the user three unique tonal options that are instantly accessible via the two-way footswitch. Combined Speakon®/ jack sockets further add to the professional feature set of these three units.

For more information visit MarshallAmps.com