Rig Rundowns, Relic Guitars, and AI: The Ultimate Music Gear Discussion
AI & Music, Relic Guitars, Nuno Bettencourt Rig, Gibson Theodore & Line 6 Catalyst | Gig Rundown 3

The PG Video crew of John Bohlinger, Perry Bean and Chris Kies recall a pair of killer Rig Rundowns with Nuno Bettencourt & Pat Badger of Extreme and Sammy Boller. Then the trio focus on new gear pieces from Keeley, Danelectro, Gibson, Line 6, and Schecter, before dishing out their opinions on relic guitars, sharing new music they're excited about from Gary Clark Jr, Charley Crockett and Black Country Communion. And they conclude their hang with a discussion about how AI will continue shaping music and songwriting.

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An ode to Eddie Van Halen’s love of DIY guitar mods that features a quartersawn maple neck and signature EVH Wolfgang humbucking bridge pickups.

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We’re almost finished with the aging process on our project guitar. Let’s work on the fretboard, nut, and truss rod cover, and prepare the headstock for the last hurrah.

Hello and welcome back to Mod Garage. This month we’ll continue with our relic’ing project, taking a closer look at the front side of the neck and treating the fretboard and the headstock. We’ll work on the front side of the headstock in the next part, but first we must prepare it.

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