Jens’ two-microphone setup for resonator guitar and his Fender Super Reverb.

Our columnist recounts what he’s learned about getting the sound of a projection cone to an audience, and his ultimate solution: two mounted mics and his faithful Super Reverb.

In my July 2022 column, “Acoustic Guitars and Fender Amps,” I talked about using acoustic 6-strings with classic black-panel amps—particularly the bigger models with wide EQ possibilities. This month, let’s take it a step further and talk about Fender amps and resonator guitars. I will share what I have discovered by experimenting with various microphones, pedals, and more.

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Photo by Andy Ellis

The “inside” story of spiders, T-bridges, biscuits, and cones—and how the instruments that incorporate them became the sound of the American dream.

Everyone in my family plays a musical instrument. As a kid I wanted to play too, but someone else was already playing guitar, banjo, mandolin, and fiddle, and that made it very difficult to choose my own instrument. I longed to find one that would be mine alone. I wanted to stand out.

One Saturday afternoon, I was watching television with my dad. We were checking out his favorite bluegrass band, led by guitarist Lester Flatt and banjo picker Earl Scruggs, who had the Flatt and Scruggs Grand Ole Opry Show, sponsored by Martha White flour. The band was gathered around a single microphone when suddenly one of the players by the name of Uncle Josh Graves came up from the back. I noticed he wasn’t holding his guitar in the usual way. It was suspended horizontally by its strap, and he played with his hands hovering over the top of the guitar. His left hand gripped a metal bar, which he pressed against the strings.

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Gretsch proudly announces new additions to its popular Roots Collection.

Scottsdale, AZ (February 4, 2016) -- Gretsch proudly announces new additions to its popular Roots Collection, including the G9241 Alligator Biscuit Round-Neck Resonator Guitar with Fishman Nashville Pickup.

Available in either an eye-catching Chieftain Red or 2-Color Sunburst finish, the all-mahogany G9241 Alligator Biscuit Roundneck Resonator is an adaptation on the successful Gretsch G9240 model. Now featuring the Fishman Nashville Biscuit-Style pickup, this acoustic/electric resonator projects its distinctively swampy tone all the way to the back door of any dancehall. Like all fine Gretsch resonator guitars, the vital feature of the G9241 is the Gretsch "Ampli-Sonic" diaphragm (resonator cone). Hand-spun in Eastern Europe from nearly 99-percent pure aluminum, the Ampli-Sonic diaphragm yields an impressive quality and volume of tone.

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