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The ubiquitous brightly colored boxes and their predecessors seem simple, but getting the right amount of juice to fire them up in top form can be tricky.

Boss pedals, as we most familiarly know them, started being produced in 1978. Prior to that, the pedals began their journey under the Roland moniker, nestled inside massive enclosures that were oozing with style.

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When power cables and signal paths tangle, the results can be noisy. Here are some easy fixes.

In my previous State of the Stomp ["The Shocking Truth About Ground Loops," October 2021], I discussed how ground loops can be formed between the amplifiers in a multiple amp setup, and how to safely address them with an isolation transformer. As a brief reminder, a ground loop is created whenever two electrical circuits that theoretically have the same ground potential actually have a non-zero potential between them in practice, and that often results in hums and buzzes that are harmonically related to the mains voltage frequency in your part of the world.

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Your music is worth releasing. Really. Do it now!

This is my final State of the Stomp column, so I thought I would leave with some encouraging words. This is a message for the perfectionists: release your music.

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