In the early days of electric bass, it seems ideas were just floating in the air. Here’s what one Japanese manufacturer came up with.

This month, I was asked to write about a bass guitar, which I think has only happened two or three times since I’ve been writing for this wonderful magazine. And since I’m the Wizard of Odd, I thought I’d pick an instrument that is probably one of the oddest around. So, we are going to look at the elusive and entertaining Teisco TB-64 6-string bass.

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An analog delay that’s happy at the outer limits.

Stratocaster-style guitar on bridge pickup played into a JTM45-style amp set for “gritty cleans”.
0:00 – Level 40%, Feedback 20%, Time 50%, Modulation controls at 0.
0:23 – Same Level, Feedback and Time; Modulation Rate and Depth set to 35% (switch on Slow).
0:46 – All knobs set to noon (note how pedal is already cycling when switched on, even before the playing begins); Modulation switch set to fast. At the end of the playing, Feedback control is gradually wound up to max, then Modulation controls, then pedal is switched off and back on again.


Rugged, original-design housing. Righteous-sounding analog delays. Great for extreme noisescapes.

Some controls unleash sonic excesses at low effect levels.


Teisco Delay


Ease of Use:


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