From surf to shred, these vibrato units will help you get your bends on.

There’s a world of whammy waiting for you, and these nine units offer a variety of vibrato and—with some requiring routing and others featuring top-mounted, quick-install options—different levels of commitment.
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Mastering Modulation: The Distinctive Sounds of Chorus, Phaser, Flanger & Vibrato
DIY: How to Use Flanger, Chorus, Phaser & Vibrato on Guitar — Plus Modulation in Modern Music!

PG's Nikos Arvanitis explains and demonstrates the individual sonic qualities and contrasting characteristics of the most-used modulation effects on guitar by citing the Police, Heart, Prince, Nirvana, Whitesnake, and Pearl Jam.

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First Look: Carr Amps Bel-Ray Demo
Carr Bel-Ray Amp Demo | First Look

The EL84 rambler champions three legendary British ’60s to early ’70s sounds embracing their classic chime, crunch, and kerrang packed into a modern design.

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