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The Loar Releases LH-650-BK and Solid-Top LH-300 and LH-350 Archtops

The Loar Releases LH-650-BK and Solid-Top LH-300 and LH-350 Archtops

The Loar adds black nitro finish to its popular LH-650 archtop, and introduces two more affordable options to its lineup with solid-top versions of its LH-600 and LH-650.

Hayward, CA (February 25, 2010) -- The Loar Design Workshop is proud to announce the addition of three new products to the successful Loar archtop line of guitars. The LH-650 is now being made available in a black nitrocellulose lacquer finish. The Loar is also releasing solid-top versions of both the best-selling LH-600 archtop and the LH-650 archtop cutaway with pickup, giving players more great-sounding options than ever.

The Loar’s Archtop Cutaway in black (LH-650-BK) is an excellent option for traditional jazz guitarists who want to make the classic archtop sound heard clearly for ensemble playing. This all-solid guitar features a top that is hand- graduated spruce, and the back and sides are hand-carved from solid maple. The hand-rubbed black nitrocellulose finish gives it a slick understated look, the perfect companion for some suave jazzbox-style playing. The Kent Armstrong floating pickup amplifies the sweet natural tone of the hand-carved spruce top, while the Florentine cutaway allows unrestricted access to the upper frets, making the LH-650-BK stylishly perfect for either soloing or accompaniment.

The solid-top versions (LH-300, LH-350) give players affordable access to the classic archtop sound, but without the sacrifice required to get a true vintage model. Made to the same specs as the LH-600 and 650, with the same hand-carved spruce top, we’ve kept the price low by building them with laminated maple back and sides. The mahogany neck with vintage V-profile is capped with a bound rosewood fretboard. The compensated ebony bridge keeps these guitars perfectly intonated, while the Gotoh open-geared tuners keep them in perfect tune. The hand-rubbed vintage sunburst body is finished with an extra-thin coat of polyurethane, yet another way to keep the cost down, but keep the value high.

The LH-650-BK comes standard with a Loar logo-embroidered featherweight case and has a MAP of $1087.49. The LH-300 and LH-350 have MAPs of $674.99 and $749.99, respectively. Available March 2010.

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