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RJM Music

RJM Music Releases the Overture Programmable Overdrive

February 16, 2021
A deeply customizable stomp that features MIDI, 8 different storable presets, and six different overdrive tones.
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Boss GT-1000 Core Review homepage2

Boss GT-1000CORE: The Premier Guitar Review

February 8, 2021
Boss packs heavy-duty DSP horsepower into a multi-effects processor built for busy pedalboards.
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Spun Loud

Spun Loud Effects Unveils the Litigator Overdrive

February 5, 2021
A British-inspired box that utilizes two gain stages in an effort to cop classic blues-rock tones.
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Kemper Releases OS Version 8.0.5

January 26, 2021
The new firmware sports a pile of new drives that aims to recreate classic and sought-after tones.
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Carl Martin PlexiRanger homepage

Plexi Punch Meets Rangemaster Burn: The Premier Guitar Carl Martin PlexiRanger Review

January 19, 2021
An already great Marshall-in-a-box is made more potent with the addition of a killer treble booster.
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Top 10 First Looks 2020

Top 10 First Looks of 2020

December 30, 2020
A shit year didn't mean shit gear—here's our most-popular gear demos featuring fresh pieces from Epiphone, Fender, Suhr, EHX, MXR, and others.
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Maxon 808 Overdrive review homepage

Maxon’s Elegant Spin on the TS808

December 28, 2020
The father of the Tube Screamer dishes a refined take on the pedal that propelled an overdrive revolution with the Apex 808.
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Friedman Smallbox

First Look: Friedman Small Box

December 22, 2020
Experience amp-style touch sensitivity in a pedal that deals high-gain horsepower and mid-gain plexi punch with ease.
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Maxon Custom Shop Releases the SSD-9 Super Sonic Distortion

December 21, 2020
Designed by the creator of the Tube Screamer, this pedal features a handful of modifications including more output and a reshaped EQ profile.
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The Year in Gear 2020

December 17, 2020
It may be the understatement of the century, but this year was weird. Even so, the killer gear kept coming. Here are the goods that stood out as extra-great amongst our annual haul of Premier Guitar reviews.
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McGregor Pedals

McGregor Pedals Releases the Crunch Plus Overdrive

December 15, 2020
This new dirt box builds upon the previous iteration by adding a third gain stage and a second clipping stage.
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TX Pedals

Tone Electronix Releases the Animalizzer

December 15, 2020
A handmade overdrive/fuzz with two clipping stages along with silicon and germanium options.
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Wampler Mini-Plexi Drive

First Look: Wampler Mini-Plexi Drive

December 14, 2020
Wield the punch of a plexi in a big drive made mini.
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LPD Pedals

LPD Pedals Unveils the New Eighty7 Deluxe

December 4, 2020
A powerful two-channel overdrive aimed at copping hot-rod British tones.
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Origin MAGMA57 First Look demo video

First Look: Origin Effects MAGMA57

December 4, 2020
Hear the stomp maker’s latest—a meticulously made box of Magnatone-style vibrato and drive magic.
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Boss GT-1000CORE

First Look: Boss GT-1000CORE

December 2, 2020
From heavy to heavenly: Hear the shrunken powerhouse on raunchy riffs, ethereal reverb clouds, pitch-shifted bass, and more.
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Friedman Unveils the Smallbox Overdrive

November 25, 2020
A pedal-sized circuit based on the company's British-flavored amp.
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Origin Effects

Origin Effects Introduces the Magma 57

November 20, 2020
The new stomp aims to meticulously recreate the vibrato and drive from a legendary '50s Magnatone amp.
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Kemper Announces Profiler 8.0 Firmware With Updated Drives

November 5, 2020
The new overdrive "system" is based on the characteristics of a handful of classic pedals.
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LPD Pedals

LPD Pedals Unveils the Redesigned Eighty7

October 26, 2020
An analog pedal designed to cop classic British hot-rod tones.
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