November 2018



EarthQuaker Devices Releases the Black Ash

November 8, 2018
Limited to only 1,500 units worldwide, Jamie Stillman's newest tone crippler is a fuzz/overdrive that takes cues from the legendary, three-knob Tone Bender.
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Dophix Introduces the Lussuria

October 31, 2018
An evolution of the company's Inferno and Paradiso pedals.
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Magnetic Effects Introduces The Sändare V2

October 30, 2018
A low-to-medium gain overdrive and booster that aims to retain the tonal characteristics of your guitar and amp.
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Caroline Guitar Company Releases the Hawaiian Pizza

October 26, 2018
The idea for this pedal originally came from a phone call Nashville producer Dave Cobb.
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Deep Space Devices Releases the Trigonaut

October 25, 2018
The company explores their experimental side with a combination of overdrive and glitchy effects.
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Ananashead Announces the Blend Bass Drive

October 15, 2018
The pedal is based on the DOD250, but modified for bass and allowing more low frequencies with a clean JFET blend circuit.
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Zorg Efects Releases the Glorious Basstar 2

September 28, 2018
After the summer pause Zorg Efects releases a new version of the Glorious Basstar.
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Greer Amps Tomahawk Deluxe Review

September 28, 2018
Crunchy tweed tones and touch-sensitive boost in a box.
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Adventure Audio Unveils the Glacial Zenith II

September 20, 2018
A dual-stage overdrive with a 3-band EQ.
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JHS Bonsai Review

September 20, 2018
Many modes of TS-style overdrive—every one a winner.
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MXR Sugar Drive Review

September 17, 2018
Klone tones in a baby box with a teeny-tiny price.
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Way Huge Pork & Pickle Review

September 16, 2018
Two distinct dirt circuits come together in one pedal for bassists who appreciate freedom of choice for their grit.
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RMI Basswitch Enhanced Overdrive Review

September 12, 2018
A bass OD that shows the combo of German engineering, top-quality parts, and modern design isn’t only for luxury cars.
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Beetronics Royal Jelly Review

September 8, 2018
Double trouble from a 2-channel fuzz and overdrive blender.
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BMF Effects Releases the Marc F’N Ford OD/Boost

September 3, 2018
BMF Effects and guitarist Marc Ford have teamed up to produce a dual-channel pedal built that runs the gamut from a gritty/clean boost to a mild fuzz with Tweed-like breakup.
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Boss/JHS JB-2 Angry Driver Review

August 26, 2018
Two overdrive titans combine to become a hydra-headed beast of dirt tones.
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String Theory EFX Introduces the KE/64 Overdrive and the Tevatron Fuzz

August 24, 2018
A pair of new stomps that aims to cover British crunch and dark, spitty fuzz.
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Haunted Labs Introduces the Witch Hammer Transparent Overdrive

August 23, 2018
The newly designed overdrive features asymmetrical clipping and features extended low end.
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Gervana Introduces the Ding Mao

August 16, 2018
A dual function pedal that uses a uses a JFET circuit to provide up to +20db of clean boost.
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