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First Look: D'Angelico Deluxe SS Baritone Semi-Hollowbody

D'Angelico Deluxe SS Baritone Semi-Hollowbody Demo | First Look

The Deco hollowbody masters dive deep into the baritone zone.

D’Angelico Guitars has announced the release of two baritone models. The Deluxe Atlantic Baritone and Deluxe SS Baritone were designed to offer exceptional comfort and vivid, articulate tone—unmistakably different from most baritone offerings. Custom pickups from Seymour Duncan capture every nuance in the low-end, while premium features such as Grover Locking Tuners and Jescar fretwire result in professional grade performance and feel.

The Deluxe SS Baritone is a wholly unique semi-hollow. Pairing its punchy, undersized body shape with two Seymour Duncan D'Angelico Great Dane P90s, the Deluxe SS Baritone stirs together seemingly disparate elements into something all new. A fifteen-inch-wide semi-hollow body offers airy woodiness on top of thick, pronounced midrange—providing enough power to lead a heavy ensemble and enough elegant clarity for emotive clean tones. A 26.75" scale length strikes the balance between prioritizing player comfort and achieving vivid tone. Now available in Satin Trans Wine and Satin Honey.

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