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Imperial Electrical Zeppelin | NAMM 2022

Imperial Electrical Zeppelin | NAMM 2022
Imperial Electrical Zeppelin and Appetite Demos | NAMM 2022

Designer Ben Fulton pays homage to two seminal guitar heroes with a pair of amp-in-a-box stomps that cover British arena rock and Sunset Strip sludge.


From the mind and soul of Ben Fulton, boutique pedal master and designer/owner of Red Witch Pedals, comes perhaps his crowning achievement.

Zeppelin by Imperial Electrical.

Zeppelin captures the sound and feel of a time when guitar gods ruled the airwaves and arenas all over the world. Combining the tone of an Echoplex preamp going into a Plexi, Zeppelin recreates the sound and fury of a bygone era in a compact pedal at home in any guitarists rig.

Versatile, visceral, and focused, Zeppelin creates an artistic soundscape of past glories and sounds yet to be discovered. More than a drive, more than a boost, more than a preamp, Zeppelin combines these essential elements in a reactive, easy to use, package. From subtle tonal shading to full-on bombast, Zeppelin provides a platform for conjuring the sounds of yesterday and tomorrow.

Let the hammer fall and the gods rejoice-Zeppelin has arrived.

Imperial Electrical