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EMG JMaster Loaded Pickguard Demo | PG Plays​

EMG JMaster Loaded Pickguard Demo | PG Plays​
EMG JMaster Pickups Demo | PG Plays

The JMaster prewired pickguard features hand built pickups with Alnico 5 magnets and wide stacked coils for a rich and balanced single coil tone without the extra noise.

The pickguard comes with unique upper horn controls that can be used with both pickups. The beloved SPC control packs a punch with its mighty mid-boost at the turn of a dial; while the EXG Control simultaneously boosts the low and high frequencies giving your instrument a liquid tone with full bottom end and enhanced highs. With the flip of a switch, the SPC can be changed to a clean boost across the full frequency spectrum with 12dB on tap for that extra aggression when needed.

EMG JMaster Alnico V Pre-wired Pickguard - Ivory

JMaster Alnico 5-stacked Wired PG - Ivory