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Reverend Roundhouse RA Demo | PG Plays

Reverend Roundhouse RA Demo | PG Plays

John Bohlinger puts the all-new Reverend Roundhouse through its paces in this PG Plays demo. Every Roundhouse features a set of Railhammer Hyper Vintage humbuckers, a flame maple top, a T-O-M stop-tail bridge, rosewood fretboards, and no pickguard.

Reverend Roundhouse RA Electric Guitar - Wine Red

This Reverend Roundhouse RA is loaded with a powerful and versatile passive electronics package that includes two proprietary Railhammer Hyper Vintage humbuckers. These unique pickups feature rails under the wound strings that keep the lows tight and thick, while traditional poles are found under the plain strings for fat highs. These PAF-inspired pickups will deliver the goods for everything from punk and rock to blues and old-school metal. Also onboard is Reverend’s fantastically useful Bass Contour control, which lets you quickly tighten up the low end and revoice the pickups to sound more like vintage single-coils.