The Checkerboard Flag edition will only be available from August of 2017 until July of 2018.

Reverend Guitars

Toledo, OH (August 29, 2017) -- Like muscle cars of the ‘60s and ‘70s, the Reverend SuperRev sounds as powerful as it looks. The single Railhammer Alnico Grande creates fat, thick, and loud tone and an ebony fretboard is for high-speed playing. The Circle R brand on fire surrounded by “SuperRev” leads to a black drag strip down the center of the guitar. It comes in a trio of colors – ’69 Orange, ’69 Lime, and ’69 Yellow – all with matching headstocks. The Checkerboard Flag logo on the back marks it as a special edition, which will only be available from August of 2017 until July of 2018.

On all Reverend Guitars, there is a Boneite nut and locking tuners, Reverend’s Bass Contour Control, and a dual-action truss rod – all for maximum performance. You can’t be different if you’re playing what everyone else is. Visit to start your journey towards being an individual.

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  • Demonstrate a variety of drone guitar techniques and approaches.
  • Examine drone points of reference from an array of genres.
  • Learn how to use standard, drop D, and uncommon alternate tunings in drone contexts.

Playing a melody or solo with a “drone” means playing over just one note or, in some instances, one chord. Besides playing without any harmonic accompaniment, it is about as simple a concept as one can image, which also means the possibilities are endless. We’ll look at ways to use drones in a variety of contexts, from ancient to contemporary, blues to metal, traditional to experimental.

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See a sampling of picks used by famous guitarists over the years.

Marty Stuart

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How does a legacy artist stay on top of his game? The pianist, hit singer-songwriter, producer, and composer talks about the importance of musical growth and positive affirmation; his love for angular melodicism; playing jazz, pop, classical, bluegrass, jam, and soundtrack music; and collaborating with his favorite guitarists, including Pat Metheny and Jerry Garcia.

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