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Gosh Problem Solver | PG Plays

Gosh Problem Solver | PG Plays
Gosh Problem Solver | PG Plays

Hard-riffin', quick-picking Zach Wish gets comfortable and loud with the 50W solution to chasing the different gassed-up eras from the beacon of British rock.

Gosh Problem Solver backstory: The journey began on the front porch of Chris Wollard’s house, back in 2016. Fueled by a shared passion for the 2204 circuit, Wollard and I embarked on collaborative process to redefine the circuit, ironing out its quirks and limitations. The result is an amplifier that not only pays homage to its roots but catapults the classic rock sound into the modern era.

The relentless pursuit of sonic perfection led to numerous modifications and revisions, transforming the 2204 circuit into a beast of its own. No longer bound by the constraints of the original design, the Problem Solver emerged as a versatile powerhouse, ready to unleash its magic in both studio recordings and live performances.

What sets the Problem Solver apart is its thoughtful array of features, carefully curated to empower your creativity. The AGE switch lets you tailor your tone stack to different eras – whether you crave the cutting-edge brilliance of 1963, the aggressive bite of 1966, the mid-heavy roar of 1981, or the warmth of 2023, it's all at your fingertips.

The Mid Boost switch elevates your highs and mids, ensuring your solos cut through the mix with unparalleled clarity. The Depth control allows you sculpt the low-end frequencies. And the revamped EQ controls provide a logical, intuitive layout, ensuring that you can sculpt your sound effortlessly, straight out of the box.

In the end, the Problem Solver Amplifier isn't just an homage to the past—it's a celebration of timeless tone, reimagined for the demands of today's musicians. Join us on this journey and discover a new era of sonic possibilities. Plug in, play, and let the music do the talking – the Problem Solver has arrived.