Free professional appraisal of vintage guitars and free guitar restringing will be available at Summer NAMM.

Nashville, TN (June 10, 2010) -- Reunion Blues is bringing their Vintage Guitars Road Show to Nashville on June 20 as part of Summer NAMM’s “Wanna Play Music Sunday” at the Nashville Convention Center. Those who plan on attending are encouraged to bring their old guitars to the Summer NAMM registration area for a free professional appraisal by vintage guitar expert Allan Chiles from

D’Addario will also be there to offer a free guitar restringing by Tom Spaulding, guitar tech for Keith Urban’s band, Aerosmith and John Fogerty. Look for the D’Addario restringing booth near the NAMM registration booths and visit D’Addario’s NAMM booth #1401 for giveaways, samples, and more.

Bring your guitar to the NAMM registration area from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Sunday, June 20, and they will direct you from there. Only one guitar per person. Everyone will also have the opportunity to enter a drawing for any RB Continental case. Discount coupons for access to the NAMM convention down the hall will also be available. There will be secure storage areas available for your instrument so you will not have to carry it around all day.

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  • Develop a sense of how to substitute open strings for fretted notes.
  • Create a cascading effect by playing as legato as possible.
  • Understand how open strings fit into many different keys.
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Most guitarists learn the basic scales, patterns, and lines up and down the neck when starting to visualize the fretboard. Working open strings into the mix made my head spin and forced me think of note selection differently. It taught me how to manipulate lines that I’d played for years and breathed new life into those lines simply by adding one key element.
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Gibson partners with the Everly Brothers family for a limited-edition acoustic guitar equipped with AA flame maple and capped with dual pickguards.

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See a sampling of picks used by famous guitarists over the years.

Marty Stuart

Submit your own artist pick collections to for inclusion in a future gallery.