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Vox Expands Electric Guitar Line with Solidbody and Semi-Hollow Models

Vox adds semi-hollow Virage models, plus five new solidbody and semi-hollow guitars.

Anaheim, CA (January 20, 2010) -- VOX Amplification has announced a major expansion of its range of electric guitars. In addition to its acclaimed Virage models, VOX now debuts a selection of new Solid-Body and Semi-Hollow Body guitars. With this introduction, VOX now offers a complete line of electric guitars featuring a diverse range of colors, finishes and price points. The expanded VOX guitar lineup encompasses the following:

SSC-33 Standard Solidbody Single Cutaway
SDC-33 Standard Solidbody Double Cutaway
SSC-55 Deluxe Solidbody Single Cutaway
SDC-55 Deluxe Solidbody Double Cutaway
HDC-77 Deluxe Semi-Hollow Double Cutaway
Virage SSCPremium Semi-Hollow Single Cutaway
Virage SDC Premium Semi-Hollow Double Cutaway

As with the original Virage guitars, all models feature the signature VOX 3-D contoured body, ensuring a comfortable fit and fatigue-free playing – whether seated or standing. In addition, each guitar features the same inverse heel joint as the original Virage guitars, deeply cut for free access to the upper frets. VOX guitars also feature the MaxConnect™ aluminum bridge, providing extended saddle travel for flawless intonation with any gauge of string. Strings load in from under the back edge of the bridge to make changing strings a snap. The full contact shape and light weight combine to deliver thick, rich tone with clear, singing harmonics.

While the Virage relies on the proprietary VOX Three-90™ pickups, the new models are equipped with VOX CoAxe™ pickups, providing whisper quiet operation. Each guitar offers passive, analog volume, tone and pickup mode switching controls that are logically laid out and easy to use, allowing fast changes during performance. The pickups in the SSC-33 and SDC-33 feature two modes, offering selectable clean and lead modes. The new HDC-77, SSC-55 and SDC-55 feature three selectable modes for clean, crunch and lead tones.

The new VOX electric guitar lineup brings innovative comfort contouring, unlimited playability, purpose-built hardware and a broad tonal pallet to a wide range of price points.

All new models (SSC-33, SDC-33 , SSC-55, SDC-55 and HDC-77) will be available April 2010 with pricing TBA.

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