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Claudio Sanchez Signature Anna Pedal Giveaway from Wren & Cuff

Claudio Sanchez Signature Anna Pedal Giveaway from Wren & Cuff

You could WIN Coheed and Cambria guitarist Claudio Sanchez' BRAND NEW Signature Anna Pedal from Wren and Cuff!

Claudio Sanchez Signature Anna Pedal

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of one of Coheed and Cambria’s most beloved albums, The Second Stage Turbine Blade, Claudio and camp had the idea to make a pedal to mark the occasion. After some thought, it was suggested that Wren and Cuff should help make that stompbox a reality. Several emails, texts, and video chats later, both parties agreed this would be a fun project that would result in an amazing pedal for both Coheed fans, as well as anyone that loves guitar pedals.

So what would it be? They decided on a pedal dedicated to one of Claudio Sanchez’s favorite and most trusted combinations when in the studio and on the stage, his 80’s Boss SD-1 Super Overdrive® feeding his ’78 “op-amp” Big Muff®. With Matt Holl’s (Wren and Cuff owner) reputation for meticulously accurate reproductions of vintage pedals, this collab was a perfect match.

Matt decided to leave the Muff side untouched. Claudio’s ’78 had the “tone bypass” mod the ’78’s are known for, so that of course was included via a toggle switch. For the drive side, however, he decided to have a little fun. A four position rotary switch was added to give the option of changing the clipping section. Along with the stock vintage SD-1 setting, there was an LED clip option (hard edge symmetrical clipping), no clipping diodes (big, loud, open sounding sorta-clean boost), and the TS9 setting (gets in the ballpark of a stock Tube Screamer®). A toggle switch was added to give the option of flipping between the stock setting and an SD-1 on steroids (more gain, thicker tone, more output). When asked which of these mods Claudio wanted to add to the setup, his answer was simply “yes” – all of them would be features of the final pedal. Both pedals can be used independently as well as in series with the SD-1 hitting the Big Muff for sonic chaos. A Swiss Army knife of fuzz and drive is the end result.


•Artwork celebrating Coheed’s 2002 album, The Second Stage Turbine Blade

•True hardwire bypass

•Two effect independent operation

Wren & Cuff