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PG Giveaways: Greenhouse Effects Deity

You could WIN a Greenhouse Effects Deity in This week's All-new giveaway! Ends December 15, 2021.

Deity Reverb

An immersive reverb with a carefully selected palette of other secondary fx and features that extend a strong foundational reverb tone to new perspectives of creativity.

3 modes offer luxurious options for exploration like a rotating room effect, adjustable up and down octaves and modulation that can be triggered dynamically. The Deity is also packed with extensive controls for the most impactful parameters for each effect to insure that every great sound is deeply adjustable where it counts.


NATURAL MODE - Natural sounding Room/Hall Reverb with optional rotating room effect.

DECAY - Sets the Length of the reverb trail. Set to zero in order to eliminate the reverb and get the modulation to effect your clean signal instead.

TONE/OSC Tone control (LPF) - for the Reverb trail. When set to zero (counter clockwise), a slow oscillation begins that sounds as if you're spinning slowly. At this setting, the Low Pass Filter is Self Oscillating from zero to max at a rate of 4 seconds per cycle.

MIX - Pans between 100% dry and 100% wet signals. In order to get more pronounced modulation set it beyond 12 o'clock. Use it to isolate the clean signal from the Reverb or to blend in your clean signal with the additional octaves.

PRE DELAY - Changes the size of the perceived space/room. At minimum, it makes the reverb come in immediately after you pick a note. (This control also helps in keeping the reverb trail out of the way of your dry signal, making it sound clearer).

SENTIENT MODE - Deeply immersive reverb with added modulation. A cross between tremolo and filter. Control the modulation with your playing dynamics or by using the LFO controls.

DEPTH/LFO - Determine how deep the modulation effect will be. When this knob is set to max, the LFO is initiated and the depth is maxed. The rate of modulation can now be set by the sense/rate knob.

SENSE/RATE - Determines how sensitive the Deity will be to your playing dynamics. When knob 2 is set to LFO, the sense/rate controls the rate of the modulation.

ETHEREAL MODE - Heavenly reverb with added choir-like octaves and independent octave volume controls.

OCTAVEDOWN - controls octave down volume.

OCTAVEUP - controls octave up volume.

FOOTSWITCH - To choose between True Bypass & Buffered Bypass with Trails, hold the footswitch for 3 seconds. The LED will indicate the switching method by blinking in Red for Trails/Blue for Bypass.

Relay True Bypass - (A more reliable, more durable footswitch)

Greenhouse Effects

Equipped with noise reduction and noise gate modes, the Integrated Gate has a signal monitoring function that constantly monitors the input signal.

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