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I LOVE Pedals Day #13: Godlyke

I LOVE Pedals Day #13: Godlyke

Today's I LOVE Pedals giveaway is from GODLYKE. Enter for your chance to win a TAMURA-MOD TS808! Ends Feb. 14, 2022.


The Tamura-mod TS808 is the culmination of a three-year quest by TubeScreamer inventor Susumu Tamura to replicate the best sounding TS808 of all time.

After painstaking analysis of hundreds of 808 variants, Mr. Tamura determined that the best-sounding units all featured a specific op amp, which he has sourced and included in his mod.

Several other key component subs work to fine-tune the Tamura-mod TS808 and allow it to stand up to the finest vintage units and perhaps even surpass them.

The TS808-TM offers increased harmonic content with a more even response across the frequency spectrum (less mid-hump!). Improved note clarity allows even complex chord clusters to sound crisp & articulate.

Each TS808-TM is hand-signed by Tamura-san and also features a Switchcraft plunger switch for improved performance over the original "chicklet" switch.

When you are after the most authentic vintage tone, it’s always best to go to the source.

For the most authentic TubeScreamer tones, the source is Tamura-san.