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Stompboxtober 2023 Day #17 - Daredevil Pedals

Stompboxtober 2023 Day #17 - Daredevil Pedals

Today's giveaway is coming to you from our friends at Daredevil Pedals. Enter here for your chance to WIN a Ltd. Edition Wolf Deluxe Fuzz!

Daredevil Pedals  Ltd. Edition Wolf Deluxe Fuzz - Blue/White

This is a hand wired, limited edition Wolf Deluxe Fuzz by Daredevil Pedals. 1 of only 12 released in the White & Blue finish, all built in Chicago.
The Wolf Deluxe circuit is Johnny's modified take on the Silicon Fuzz Face, originally release way back in 2013. These have a more defined low end, more midrange honk, and an incredible amount of sustain and crunchy fuzz rasp.

Daredevil Pedals