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Stompboxtober 2023 Day #25 - Atomic Amplifiers

Stompboxtober 2023 Day #25 - Atomic Amplifiers

Our friends at Atomic Amplifiers are giving you the chance to WIN an Ampli-Firebox MkII! Enter here.

Atomic Amplifiers Ampli-Firebox MKII

Ampli-Firebox MKII is the updated and enhanced version of Atomic's world's first stompbox-sized, pro level, digital amp and cabinet modeler. In addition to offering over 20 stunningly accurate amp models that span from vintage pristine clean to modern metal and beyond, it includes a carefully curated collection of cabinet models as well as delay, reverb, compression and gate effects. Ampli-Firebox MKII is equally in the studio, on stage or at home.

Atomic Amplifiers