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323 Effects Releases Timbers Overdrive Pedal

323 Effects Releases Timbers Overdrive Pedal

A well-rounded drive that's designed to let your guitar and amp shine.

Birmingham, Alabama (June 20, 2016) -- 323 Effects presents the Timbers Overdrive, a well-rounded drive, designed to let the guitar/amp foundation of your tone shine. The clipping portion of the circuit allows the full range of your guitar through to avoid that nasal mid hump of so many drive pedals. But don't be afraid of getting lost in the mix! The two tone controls give you the option of boosting or cutting both the treble and bass frequency ranges, letting you dial in your ideal sound.

The clipping toggle switch adds another layer of flexibility! The up position is an open-sounding drive that maintains a nice chimey quality. Crank the gain in this position for that classic-rock crunch. Flip the switch down for a more compressed, smooth drive—perfect for blues or blues-based rock tones. Boasting a wide range of drive, it does the low to med/hi-gain thing very well in either position. From edge of breakup all the way to fully-saturated drive, note definition is preserved keeping your sound crisp and clear.

The Timbers feature true-bypass switching, durable powder-coated enclosures, silkscreen graphics, and black aluminum knobs. Each pedal is hand-built one at a time to ensure premium quality.

The Timbers retails at $130

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