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Ableton and Akai Professional Release APC2 Ableton LiveController

Ableton and Akai Professional Release APC2 Ableton LiveController

Abelton and Akai Professional co-develop Akai''s second dedicated controller for Ableton Live.

Anaheim, CA (January 15, 2010) -- Ableton and Akai Professional are pleased to announce the APC20, Akai Professional's second dedicated controller for Ableton Live. Following in the footsteps of the hugely successful APC40, the APC20 offers musicians, producers and performers freedom from the keyboard and mouse, providing a fully integrated hardware-software musical system for creative composition and performance. It also features the APC40's multicolor 8x5 button Session View Matrix, eight high-quality faders and two-way communication with Ableton Live. The APC20 also features three modes of operation, built-in customization features and a number of smart new tricks. The APC20 was co-developed by Ableton and Akai Professional.

Here is an overview of the features and functions of the Akai Professional APC20:

Big grid, small footprint
The APC20 is a slightly smaller version of its big brother, the APC40, with the same 40-button grid for direct access to the clips in Ableton Live's Session View. Perfect if you're already using multiple controllers, short of studio space or working on a budget.

Power-up the APC40
APC40 owners can hook up an APC20 and automatically access 16 tracks and an enormous 80-button grid, thanks to the new "Combination Mode." It's also possible to run up to six APC20s together.

High-quality, feel-good hardware
The name Akai Professional suggests quality, and the APC20 certainly delivers. From the multicolor, LED-backlit buttons to the traction on the faders and the road-worthy metal casing: the APC20 is tactile, rugged and responsive.

Note Mode
Note Mode lets you use the button grid for sending MIDI data instead of launching Session View clips.

Flexible faders
Apart from controlling track levels, the APC20's faders can be instantly switched to control pan or multiple sends—no mapping required. Additional user banks let you assign the faders to tempo, effects wet/dry, global tempo or anything else you want.

Apart from the user banks on the faders, producers and performers can customize the APC20 to their own, personal workflow using Ableton Live's simple MIDI mapping function. Control any function in Ableton Live with any part of the APC20.

Pricing and availability for the Akai Professional APC20
The Akai Professional APC20 will be available at music stores worldwide in the second quarter of 2010. Please note that the APC20 cannot be purchased in the Ableton webshop.

Hardware plus software: Ableton Live Akai Professional APC Edition
Every Akai Professional APC20 comes with a custom-tailored software package, Ableton Live 8 Akai Professional APC Edition, with eight audio and eight MIDI tracks, multiplied by twenty Session View scenes. Combined with Live's powerful effects, this makes for a capable out-of-the-box solution for studio and stage.

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