The new 3 Monkeys Virgil head is based on the BW119 head built for Aerosmith’s Brad Whitford, only instead of 6L6s it pumps out 30 watts via four 6V6s. Unique features include a front-panel UK/USA voicing control and a footswitchable variable boost.

UK blues wunderkind Davy Knowles has a new signature octave-fuzz pedal from Freekish Blues. The Chubb Up! features dual footswitches for engaging fuzz and octave effects together, or just the fuzz. Other controls include Fuz, Tone, and Vol knobs, and a Thin/Fat toggle.

Booya! Amplifiers founder and designer Jamie Simpson says he’ll build your dream amp from the ground up based on the tone of your favorite player or a famous amp model. He also says his approach is unique because he’ll use new-old-stock (NOS) or current production components—or a mix of both. This particular head was built for a customer who wanted to replicate early-’80s thrash-metal sounds. Sour Patch Kids and Jolly Ranchers not included.