Ex. 2 presents the entire descending version of the lick. Remember: dancer, drummer, then together. That’s your mantra. Also, don’t be afraid to break this down into even smaller chunks. Is that pesky position change in the third measure tripping you up? Show it who’s boss.

Finally, the whole enchilada is in Ex. 3. I’m hearing this as a basic A Dorian (A-B-C-D-E-F#-G) tonality with a bit of chromaticism thrown in.

I should also add that this isolation technique works for me. I feel that needs to be said. I’m not just inventing this to fill up space.

Oh, and seriously get a metronome. C’mon. It’s 20 bucks. It’s worth 20 bucks to become a great player isn’t it? And get a guitar. I should’ve said that earlier.