Analog Man King of Tone

It’s my go-to overdrive pedal right now. It’s a boutique pedal but Analog Man really did an incredible job with that thing. It kinda has that Tube Screamer-vibe to it and gets a lot of really cool overtones and brings the guitar to life. This one gives me more to work with because it has two different circuits and two different gain stages. Depending on my rig, I’ll use the low gain side and kick it on for my rhythm sound when I need some crunch and then stack the other side on top for my solos. If I’m going to sit in with somebody, I’ll take that pedal over even the Ibanez TS808, which has been my go-to pedal for years and years.

Chicago Iron Tycobrahe Octavia

It’s a very faithful reproduction of the original, which I have at home. Those things are fragile and worth a lot of money, so I only use the original in the studio. They are very true to the original circuit and when you want to get that hairy, fuzzy sound with the octave on top—that’s the pedal. I’ve used a lot of Octavia pedals over the years, but the Tycobrahe gives me a little more octave than fuzz. I keep the drive turned all the way down and keep the level at like 11 o’clock. I’m just trying to get the higher octave and just a bit of fuzz. Other pedals are a little heavy on the fuzz and the octave doesn’t cut through quite as much. Sometimes I’ll throw the Tube Screamer on top of it and send it right over the edge.

Jam Pedals Delay Llama+

It’s an analog delay pedal that just sounds nice and warm. It also has this hold button that I thought was interesting. Most delay pedals that I’ve used only have an on/off switch. That hold button really opened up my mind to use it even more as an effect. Sometimes when I would go off on some Hendrix stuff I would hold that pedal and mess around with the timing of the delay. It would get this really trippy sound that Jimi would get back in the day by speeding up and slowing down 2-inch tape. I don’t use delay a lot—I’m not one of those guys who have the delay always on. I use it as an effect, not as a part of my sound.