Strap Locks


Rotating Elliptical End Pins
These chrome end pins were designed to secure the strap to your guitar without bulky hardware or having to dedicate a strap to a specific guitar. The two-piece elliptical shape combines function and style, they are easy to install, and work with all guitars and basses.
Street: $6


Strap Locks
These strong and lightweight strap locks feature the quick-release mechanism that players want and need to easily remove the strap. Available in nickel, chrome, gold, and black.
MSRP: $22.95–$26.95


“F” Strap Locks
Available in chrome, gold, and black, these strap buttons for the guitar and locks for the strap keep your favorite guitar or bass safe and secure. They can be fitted to nearly every Fender instrument manufactured since 1946.
MSRP: $18.99