“Bridgeless” Interlude

This song has been in our book for about seven years. We recorded it because I think it tied into the heavier approach of the record. Umphrey’s is definitely a progressive rock-flavored band, and if we didn’t have any of that on the record people might be scratching their head a bit. Also, it’s great to end the record with this bombastic, riff-heavy tune with all these little intricate parts. The interlude here is kind of like a Steve Howe thing—lots of open strings and quick position shifts. When everyone played the riff together, it was like “Whoa, we got something here.” It illustrates the beauty of being different players and the way Brendan interprets a riff. If I wrote the riff, he has to interpret it and come up with something that sits nicely inside of it. It’s the stylistic differences that really humanize everything—it’s not so cold and calculated with exactly perfect harmonies. There’s a little bit of space to move inside that melody. For some bands, that doesn’t work, but that’s one of our go-to magic tricks. “Bridgeless” is definitely one of the tougher tunes in our book.