“Educated Guess” Interlude and Bridge

“Educated Guess” is on the progressive side of the new record, but to retain that heaviness, the interlude riff shows up and grabs you by the throat. I think of it as simplified Meshuggah—all downstrokes. The mixture of major and minor is a direct influence of Yes. I’ve always associated that Rick Wakeman pedal-chord sound happening whimsically over something that’s jagged. I’m doing the acoustic guitar and the heavy chugs and Brendan is doing everything else. In a live setting, I’ll split it up a bit since there are so many layers. Since he’s doing a lot of the singing, I’ll find a way to still chug, but throw in those major 7 chords at the same time. I find a way to make it work, and often I’ll go back to the recordings to make sure the essential parts are covered.