Woodstock, NY (October 12, 2016) -- Woodstock Sessions announced a special interactive workshop weekend led by guitar prodigy David Torn on December 10 & 11. This intimate workshop at Applehead Studios in idyllic Woodstock, NY will present possibilities for participating guitarists to develop their 21st-century approach to use of the guitar along orchestrational lines. The workshop will be rooted in dialogue and partly conducted according to the nature of the course of conversation and participants’ active engagement.

The workshop will pose that the guitar is uniquely capable of portraying the outside limits of musical danger and beauty, from both older as well as more contemporary musical perspectives. Key and primary will be covering the detailed use of modern technologies (and extended manual technique) to create many kinds of sonic atmospheres with an electrified guitar. Whether drone-oriented, open-ended and/or harmonically and/or rhythmically motivic, there will be exploration of application; it will be a truly interactive and current follow-up to David's "Painting with Guitar" video releases of the early 1990s.

Live-looping, real-time processing and improvisation with these instrumental tools will be covered specifically, as well as dialing-in amps, fuzzes and extended use of manual/mechanical pitch manipulation.

There will be hang time, direct interaction and ongoing Q&A, both musically-oriented and also regarding the meanings/realities of dedicating oneself to the pursuit of music.

Guitarist and educator Ken Rosser will be on-hand throughout, with a few special guests coming and going.

Participants are encouraged to bring (one) electric guitar, if they wish, but it is not an attendance requirement.

The event will be filmed and edited into a “Documentarial Master Class.” Any participant can opt-out of being included in the film as a featured individual. All participants will receive a special copy of the film, before its public release.

Guitar amps, cabs and other cool tube gear will be provided by Fryette Amplification and Sound City Amplification.

Attendance is limited. Tickets available: http://davidtorn.bpt.me/