Jamming is intrinsic to Sultana’s art—even onstage, where she builds all her songs from scratch, starting with loops and drum patterns, then adding vocals, melodies, textures, and solos. Photo by Alicia Fox

Tash Sultana’s Stage and Studio Secrets

Tash Sultana doesn’t talk about her pedalboard—other than discussing her use of the Palmer Triage Amp Selector as the main router for her guitar’s signal in the studio, where she employs four amplifiers. However, her touring guitars include a Fender Stratocaster, assorted Fender Telecasters, and a Maton SRS70C/12 12-string acoustic. Stage amps? Live, she don’t need no stinkin’ amps! And her strings are Dunlop (.010–.052) and, for the 12-string, Elixir (.011–.052). Sultana uses Dunlop .73 mm picks.