One of the stars of the show was this handwired Tweed Twin that was shipped to the event directly from the Fender Custom Shop. According to Nate Westgor of Willie’s American Guitars in St. Paul, MN, who provided guitars and backline for the show, after soundcheck the guitarists were wrangling with each other to play one of the two Tweed Twins Fender had sent. This, despite the fact that Nate had a ’58 Tweed Super and two ’59 Bassmans on the stage.

Kevin Montgomery kicked the night off with his version of Buddy Holly’s “Wishing.” His father, Bob Montgomery, was close friends and teenage band mates with Buddy Holly. Here Montgomery plays a Gibson J-185.

Los Lonely Boys’ Henry Garza brought his customized MIM Strat, but also paid tribute to Valens by playing a few songs on this reissue Harmony Ritchie Valens Stratotone, given to him at the event by Harmony president Charlie Subecz. The company brought several and also gave one to Los Lobos, the Surf Ballroom and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Los Lonely Boys kicked the night into overdrive with their Texican blues that owes much to the road Ritchie Valens paved and Los Lobos widened. Here JoJo Garza plays his Hohner B Bass 6-string that allows him to play three and four note chords high on the neck to fill out the trio’s sound.