Fort Worth, TX (November 3, 2011) -- Dynamo Amplification introduces the Grand Tour Series line of high power custom guitar amplifiers and cabinets designed for professional touring and live performance. The Dynamo GTS and GT-6 offer a 200-watt, all-tube design with ultra high-end components and construction to take guitar tone to another level.

The hand-built custom amps feature a pure 2-channel super overdrive design powered by a Plitron Toroidal Transformer, high-end audiophile grade components, Pure Silver audio wiring, and a lifetime Warranty. Dynamo says they designed these amps from a sound engineering point of view to offer a high definition concert tone that’s pure, clean, tight, and focused at all volumes with double the average power output to drive high power cabinets loaded with FANE and EVM 12L guitar speakers well-known for their power and clear projection on stage.

The GTS head is powered by four KT90 tubes, which Dynamo says give it stunning high definition lead overdrive and clean tones unheard outside a recording studio, while the GT-6 is powered by six KT77 or EL34 tubes for a sweet British vintage tone. Retail price on both amps is $3999.

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