Must-Watch Moments
Session legend Big Jim Sullivan said that for him, music is like yoga— a platform for self-exploration. If those words from a bona fide player aren’t enough to pique your interest, check out the following videos that showcase the skills of a man who played on more hit songs than he could remember.

In this footage, Big Jim Sullivan demonstrates his classical chops on a solo jazz instrumental.

Here Sullivan talks about different approaches to playing guitar, from scales to arpeggios and chords, and even encourages players to explore the “forbidden zones” of a guitar’s fretboard.

On this gem of a jam session from the Tom Jones show, Jerry Reed and Big Jim trade rapidfire licks on “Guitar Man,” while Jones delivers rockabilly lyrics. Check out Sullivan’s Tele solo at 3:00.

In this verbal account of growing up in U.K.’s early rock scene, Sullivan talks about dying his hair blonde for his first gig with The Wildcats and making more money than his milkman uncle.