George Benson's Gear

Top Right: Benson’s signature Ibanez hollowbodies feature ornate, vintage-style headstock inlays. Photo by John Mooy. Bottom Right: On his current tour, Benson has a guitar boat with two signature Ibanez hollowbodies and a Yamaha nylon-string. Photo by John Mooy. Left: Two of Benson’s Ibanez signature models—a GB200 (left) and a prototype of the upcoming LGB (Little Georgie Benson)—onstage with a pair of Fender ’65 Twin reissues mic’d with a large-diaphragm Shure condenser. Photo by John Mooy.

Ibanez LGB prototype,
Ibanez GB30, Yamaha
nylon-string, Cordoba
Two Fender 1965 Twin
Reverb reissues
Strings, Picks, and Accessories
Thomastik-Infeld George
Benson Signature .012s
(live) and .014s (studio),
Ibanez George Benson
mediums picks, Monster
Cable, Radial JDI Passive
Direct Box

Youtube It
For a taste of George Benson in action, check out the following clips on

Benson scat sings with Dizzy Gillespie, then takes a jaw-dropping guitar solo (from 7:48–8:58) that will make you want to quit the guitar.

This rare clip shows Benson in a lessformal setting, playing Miles Davis’ “So What” with a killer band featuring drummer Jeff “Tain” Watts and other notable musicians. His killer solo starts at 5:25 and features nearly three minutes of fretboardmelting modal madness.

Benson makes his guitar sound like bagpipes on this solo rendition of “Danny Boy.” In addition to the chordal mastery on display here, check out how Benson articulates even the quickest of single-note runs with his right-hand thumb—particularly in the cadenza (3:00–3:08).