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For a taste of Minus the Bear’s indie-prog stylings, check out the following clips on

Minus the Bear’s “Lies and Eyes” presents a firsthand look at Dave Knudson’s melodic approach to rhythm guitar.

Line 6 DL4 madness abounds in this live clip of Minus the Bear’s “Knights”—especially at the 2:36 mark, where Knudson uses a two-footed, two-pedal tap-dance approach to trigger stuttering, synth-like parts.

Watch MTB’s masterfully sparse interplay in this slow-build atmospheric jam. By the 2:50 mark, Knudson has abandoned his two-footed, loop-triggering approach and gotten on his knees to play two DL4s like a keyboard while singer Jake Snider weaves in feedback-riddled mayhem with his Bigsby-equipped Telecaster.