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Neal Schon is one of the rare guitarists who can make the instrument both sing and sizzle equally well. For a taste of him in action, check out the following clips on

Neal Schon’s solo on Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin’” is perhaps the most memorable guitar solo of all time. Here’s classic footage of Steve Perry-era Journey performing the mega-hit in Japan.

Schon performs a gorgeous, lyrical, unaccompanied solo sans flash, leading into Journey’s “Stone in Love” at the Bell Center in Montreal, Canada on November 5, 2012. This clip demonstrates Schon’s signature melodic approach. However, if you absolutely need the speed, wait until 7:44 to see Schon deliver a final flurry to close out the number.

Footage from 1980 of early Schon going bonkers in a live, unaccompanied solo in Osaka, Japan. This clip reflects the fiery, aggressive side of Schon’s personality.