PG's Joe Coffey is On Location at the 2010 LA Amp Show where he swings by the Surreal Amplification room. In this segment, we get to check out a custom C.M. 50 head in action.

Surreal's amplifiers are built similar to vintage amps, for instance, when you are running this amp in the non-master volume configuration, you have only two tube gain stages just like the original Marshalls and Fenders. As with the original non-master volume amps, this setting gets nastier as the volume is cranked. Low to medium levels provide a relatively clean bluesy tone. Maxed out is brown tone city with EL34's. There is a Post Phase Inverter Master Volume that can be used in this setting to create additional overdrive. Clean players will love the Jazz Boost option for a smooth, warm, smokey jazz tone perfect for ES335 type guitars.

It can come with a Surreal Stage setting that adds yet another tube gain stage to the party. Now you are entering the realm of hot-rodded and modded, boutique amp heaven. It's called the Surreal stage due to the fact that the classic rock tone is retained but the gain is over the top. Another tonal option is the Slope control that sweeps through the mid range. Using this control in conjunction with the Resonance control, almost any tone you can dream up is at your fingertips. The presence control has a slightly wider range than most presence controls just in case you need more bite. The half way point on this control is equivalent to the full position on most.