PG's Shawn Hammond is On Location at the 2010 NY Amp Show where he visits the Celestion Room.

They loaded several different cabs with their various speakers and had guitarists play through some of the most sought after amps. The amps included [left to right] Komet 19 combo featured a heritage G12H30 with the 55hz cone, Trainwreck Liverpool "Marge" was on a Bruno 2x10 with Gold G10s, prototype 4- 6V6 Bruno Cow-tipper head was on a Bruno 2x12 with Gold G12s, Bruno Underground 30 was in a Bruno 2x12 with Alnico Blues, the famous tan EL34 Dumble was on a Heritage G1265 loaded Bruno 2x12, and Trainwreck Express "Suzanne"—originally owned by George Lynch—was on a Heritage Greenback 20W G12M loaded 4x12.