Stevensville, MD (January 8, 2012) – The Paul Reed Smith SC245 is a vintage-inspired Singlecut perfect for more traditional single-cutaway players. The 24.5” scale length offers a loose, laid-back feel, but the guitar maintains a tight low end and snappy attack. With 57/08 pickups delivering vintage humbucking tone and clear, detailed chords, and the electronics layout of two volume and tone controls, and a 3-way toggle switch on the upper bout, the SC245 is instantly comfortable for players who grew up using short-scale guitars.

Additional specifications include a carved maple top, mahogany back, mahogany “Pattern” neck, and rosewood fretboard. The PRS 2-piece bridge is the anchor of this guitar. Made of aluminum and brass, the bridge has added weight and mass, creating more contact points, which enhances the natural tone of the woods and helps create a more resonant instrument.

With a classic, resonant voice that is eminently recordable and gig ready, the SC245 won’t just take everything you’ve got and keep asking for more, it will do it with unforgettable sound and style.

Reintroduced for 2013, the Custom 22 is a classic workhorse with all the tones you’ve come to expect from your PRS and a distinctive, musical, warm midrange. Along with its standard features – maple top, mahogany back, mahogany or rosewood 25” scale length Pattern or Pattern Thin neck, and rosewood fretboard – the Custom 22 and 24 are now both offered with the choice of 57/08 pickups or HFS treble and Vintage bass pickups wired for a redesigned 5-way blade switch, which offers a unique dual humbucker option.

In the 1990’s, PRS Artists Mark Tremonti of Creed, Dave Navarro of Jane’s Addiction, Tim Mahoney of 311, Pete Loeffler of Chevelle, Paul Phillips of Puddle of Mudd, Marcos Curiel of POD, and Mike Einziger of Incubus all topped the charts and defined the sound of the era. HFS treble and Vintage bass pickups were there to help them by providing a balance of aggressive, musical, clear highs and strong midrange and bass. In 2008, PRS’s 57/08 pickups were introduced. These pickups were designed to capture a vintage ‘50’s humbucking tone and have become PRS’s most coveted vintage-inspired pickups.

This voicing option exemplifies the palette of tones available from PRS and allows musicians to better tailor their instrument to their desired sound.

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