PG's Jordan Wagner is On Location in Chicago, IL, at Kuma's Corner's 4th Anniversary Block Party where Clutch, Baroness and Lionize performed. In this video segment, Jordan catches up with Clutch's Tim Sult (guitarist) and Dan Maines (bassist) and talks all things gear and their new record, "Strange Cousins From the West". Tim's current rig includes an old JMP head, Orange Tiny Terror combo, JCM800 that all go through a 1960 Marshall cab loaded with Vintage 30s. For guitars, he sticks with a 70's LP. As for Dan Maines, he uses an Ampeg Classic Series SVT-VR head and alternates between a 4x10 or 8x10 cab depending on the stage/venue size. For a bass, he generally sticks with a Lakland P-style bass. Both guys keep the effects to a minimum as they only use the occasional wah pedals.