Roland VB-99 V-Bass Synthesizer System and the some of the various sounds it can produce. He then takes the VB-99 and puts it up against an original Roland GR-33B Synthesizer - the bass guitar version of the GR-300.

With the VB-99, Roland has devised a product that accurately model the worlds most popular basses from classic electrics to upright acoustic bass, fretless bass and more and combined them with a range of killer bass amps, synth sounds, and polyphonic effects. Some of the functions and features on the VB-99, include dual independent signal paths, dozens of COSM models, including coveted vintage and modern basses, synth basses, and even electric guitar models, Innovative new String Modeling (apply virtual flat wound, round wound, black nylon, etc.), 12 COSM preamp models and six speaker models, 43 powerful effect types and six compressor types.

The original GR-33B has an all-analog construction. It includes a 4-voice polyphony with two oscillators per voice, 2 presets for Envelope Generator with Attack and Decay Control, Envelope Triggered Low Frequency Oscillator with delay-for vibrato, built-in foot switches control the VCO harmonize pitch and VCF mode and a String Select Feature that can iIndividually engage/disengage synth sound per string.