New York, NY(June 11, 2008) -- In our quest to bring you footage of gear "anywhere it is made, played or displayed" we occassionaly get the chance to check out a notable personal collection. Today we bring you a video tour of Sammy Ash''s personal collection.

As you know, gear collections are unique. They should be, anyway -- if we all had the same assortment of vintage stuff there''d be little reason to check out anyone else''s collection. Sammy''s collection is choc'' full o'' interesting guitars. He''s got guitars signed by a who''s who list of guitar greats - Les Paul, Eddie Van Halen, Steve Cropper, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, and the list goes on. He''s got early PRS guitars that Paul himself wants back. He''s got a guitar and a bass shaped like a fender (the classic car kind) -- the guitar''s tail light even lights up when you use the wammy. Being in the business has its perks -- some unique guitars have been given to him as gifts and some guitars that never even made it to production are in his collection.

Check out these videos -- Sammy himself, a true New Yorker''s New Yorker, gives you the tour.

In Part II Sammy shows you the guitars and amps in his office but first he shows you around the headquarters at Sam Ash Music. Think you''ve got a lot of guitars laying around? Wait ''til you see this video.

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